What & How I write


() Sound print benignly small

To express oneself by stanza
ain’t as some may try purport
just merely extravaganza
but provides structure, support.

While acts promiscuously Prose
how virtuous pithy Verse!
While pontificates prose verbose
how quatrain reads quaintly terse!

Try verse if you must sound off at all
it keeps the sound print benignly small.

() Writing rhyming verse shallow

I’m no Poet hifalutin.
Mere fellow meek & callow
who does his own in foot shooting
writing rhyming verse shallow.

A superficial spin drier
of phrases falsely acquired?
All dressed up in pretend attire
for yet a show uninspired?

Propounds prim Poetry Fellows:
“Let’s send that Versifier
off to illiterate gallows
that foul, faux falsifier!”

Poem’s harvest hallow
serves up sumptuous.
Rhyming verse wilts sallow
flagrance unctuous!”

But though Poets opine with gumption
what if they’re sloshing in presumption?